Friday, January 29, 2010

Its amazing to me what will entertain a little one.  Emma was having so much fun playing in a box. I think a plain card board box is one of the best toys for  children.  They all seem to love to play in them.  Its always so fun to see what adventures they will have with just a plain old card board box.  "M" was using this one as a bed for her and her doll.  Oh the joy of being a kid.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Winter Snow Storm

We had quite an amazing snow storm this winter.  We ended up with two feet of snow.  It is slowly melting away.  But it is taking a very long time.  We had another snow storm come in, it wasn't as big about tw0 to three inches of snow came that time.  The last couple of days it has gotten up in to the forties and I have been so excited it has felt so wonderful.  027

                        Here is our little Emmy out in our snow with Challee.029



It took us a couple of days to get the cars uncovered.037


I am really looking forward to spring!  But at the same time I realize snow can be so beautiful.