Friday, August 28, 2009

Challee's Birthday

Our dear Challee is ten years old now,oh where has the time gone!  It has gone by so very fast.  I do hope that she had a wonderful birthday. Here she is with her new bike.   I also made her an artist bag.  That she can take with her and do her artwork.
I tried something new with Challee's Birthday cake this year she wanted an icecream cake in the shape of a butterfly.  It was really challenging to get it to work right but we did it.  I think next time we should keep the flavors a little more simple : ) Her cake ended up being a strawberry cake with chocolate frosting and Rocky road ice cream in the center.  I think it was a flavor over load. I forgot to take pictures of it before we started cutting into it but Im kind of excited to try another one again.   Maybe Loch would like one for his birthday.